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Travel Package Deposit Form

Thank you for choosing Travel With Rhonda travel agency.
Please use this form to submit your deposit payment toward your cruise as this form serves as our Credit Card Authorization Form.
By signing this document you authorize Rhonda Howse/Travel with Rhonda and our partners ( travel vendor) to Debit your Credit / Debit card in the amount agreed upon on or after the indicated date.
Your signature is required to process payment for your travel accommodations.


We accept all major Credit / Debit cards

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Second Guest/Traveler
Addl Traveler (if needed)

Travel Information

Is this a Land or Cruise Vacation?
Cabin of Choice for Cruises
Room of Choice for Resorts
Deposit amount to be collected per person
Name on Card
You understand that you are authorizing Travel with Rhonda/Rhonda Howse/InteleTravel and/or other travel providers to debit/credit the card provided in the amount indicated above?
You understand that your initial deposit will be deducted from the your total balance of the ROOM/CABIN TYPE you select and is NON-REFUNDABLE?
Would you like to add travel protection? MUST be paid at the time of booking and cannot be added at a later date.


1. NO Price is guaranteed without a paid deposit to secure your package.

Whenever your ready to book we will 1st check to make sure the price is still what was quoted if not we will contact you immediately before securing your package and this process is done every time a guest submit their deposit.

2. You must  request travel protection at the time of booking and both occupants must purchase it. It cannot be added at a later date.

3. The deposit amount is NON-NEGOTIONABLE and both occupants must pay in order to secure your reservation. You can use 1 card  for both deposits or each occupant can submit their own deposit by using our payment link provided.

4.Your reservation MUST BE PAID IN FULL by the final date or you will lose your entire reservation including DEPOSITS & ANY payments made unless you have travel protection and your subject to their terms.

5. You will be provided a payment link for you to make payments 24 hours / 7 days a week online only.

6. The agent booking fee of $25 per person (if required) is non refundable and must be paid at the time of booking.

Price is subject to change without PAID per person Deposit.

General Terms and Conditions
Group Organizer’s Responsibilities are:
1. To handle all payments and payment processing.

2. To provide invoices to all guest(s) attending the trip to pay for their tour if applicable.
3. To provide all guest(s) with updates and balances on payments.
3. To provide all final confirmations and details upon FINAL PAYMENT.

Guest(s) Responsibilities are:

4. To provide neccessary documentation to enter the destination visited.
5. To finance additional items or activities that are not listed.
6. To make all payments according to payment plan agreed on.
7. All guests waive, releases, discharges, and covenants not to sue Travel with Rhonda/Rhonda Howse, and affiliates, members, sponsors, organizers, or other representatives or their successors and assigns for injuries or damages of any kind suffered as a result of this vacation or any related activity. At the Resort that there are any damages to property, the guests are solely responsible to return property to its original state.
8. All payments will be made with Credit/Debit or Paypal. Cash is not acceptable.
9. Guests agrees to full permission, perpetual, and worldwide for organizers to use all names, photographs, video, audio, or quotations in accounts or promotions in any medium.
10. Guests who do not sign this contract will be unable to participate in the above activities/ trip .
11.. If payment plan is chosen, guest(s) must pay their deposit to hold their spot.
12. Tour organizers reserves the right to cancel this tour at any time prior to the date of the tour. Refunds of 50% paid to guest will be honored under this circumstance.13.You cannot dispute any charges with your bank or financial institution.

Cancellation & Refund Policy:
All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE
All cancellations must be in writing.
All payments are Non refundable without PURCHASED payment protection including initial deposit


Please sign below stating you understand these terms & conditions.
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